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Activate their fiery potential with my Limitless Mentoring Programme, and inspire them to change their world, early on

Your pre-teen is energetic, zealous, and blessed with new ideas and perspectives, no matter how idealistic. However, this also means that your pre-teen is easily distracted, confused, and will definitely need guidance if they must know the prize, let alone focus on it.

How about their short attention span and the difficulty they experience in deciding what to do with their time and budding talent? While you, the parent, are overwhelmed, and may be guilt-tripped into thinking you aren’t doing enough to prepare them for teenage life and its peculiarities. 

My B.O.L.D pre-teen mentoring program will help lay the foundation of LIFE SKILLS and VALUES that help pre-teens grow into SUCCESSFUL ADULTS.

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Sounds Familiar?

You think you could do a little more to boost your pre-teen’s confidence, but are short of ideas..

You don’t have enough time to plan towards discovering their innate abilities, and you can’t keep up with their ever-changing desires..

You know there’s more to mentoring them than academics and family routines..

You really want your pre-teen to discover their abilities without imposing your choices on them. You want them to be as authentic as possible.

You are experiencing this problem because…

You need well-adapted resources and knowledge to help your pre-teen discover their hidden potential…

It takes a lot to prepare children for teenage beyond conventional discipline and academics, and a part of you knows this, and you feel a little helpless.

Also, as a parent, you might be overwhelmed with other responsibilities, requiring that you spend less time with your pre-teen, at a life stage when you are needed the most, as they transition to adulthood..

Trust me, I have been there| I thought my pre-teen was a mess until I tried an approach that really worked; and now I am offering to Coach your pre-teen to achieve that!

What if I told you there was a better way?

The B.O.L.D Coaching program will help your pre-teen become more confident and enthusiastic for the future.

The B.O.L.D Coaching program will help your pre-teen:

  • – Become more confident among peers.
  • – Have a sense of purpose and direction at an early  age.
  • – Become an inspiration to their peers.
  • – Discover their innate abilities.
  • – Discover themselves before teenage-hood.

What your teen will benefit from the B.O.L.D
Coaching programme:



Benefits to your pre-teens:

1. They will be more assertive in life

2. They become more positive and enthusiastic
3. They will be more motivated.

4. They will experience less fear and anxiety
5. They will enjoy increased sense of self-worth
6. They become more resilient
7. They will ultimately have greater success in life


Benefits to your pre-teens:

I. It helps them to build confidence.
2. It teaches them to be able to listen to others
3. It teaches them to think and find possible solution.
4. It makes them to be compassionate and appreciative.
5. It teaches them to respect other people opinion.
6. It helps them to become responsible teens.
7. It increases their independence and ultimately become mature.


Benefits to your pre-teens:

1.It builds up confidence in them.
2. It helps them to develop self-awareness.
3. It helps them to communicate better.
4. It presents different ways of thinking and ability to solve problem.
5. It helps them to adapt to different situations and environment.
6. It helps them to inspire and motivate peers.
7. It makes them to be role models


Benefits to your pre-teens:

1.It helps them to face challenges / obstacles
2. It makes them focused in life.
3. It helps them to believe in themselves.
4. It prevents them from failure.
5. It prepares them for adulthood.
6. It makes them to be a better communicator.
7. It helps them to inspire their peers/ friends.

Our Testimonials Speak For Us....

Coach Tolu Awopetu is an astute , diligent and a Purpose Driven woman. She is very good at what she  does and when it comes to Teenagers, she goes all out to fulfil the Purpose of God both in her life and also the lives of the beautiful young and growing Teenagers that God has committed into her hands. 
I Trust her thoroughness in bringing the Best out of the lives of anyone that comes her way.
My daughter is also one of her Mentees and I’ve seen quite an improvement in her life recently. 
My daughter now takes things seriously and adhere more to instructions. 
She’s highly recommended by me.

– Yetunde Olasusi England UK

Is your Child (Ages 9-13) right for The B.O.L.D Coaching program? Here is how to know:

Meet Your Coach...

Hello, I"m Coach Tolu Awopetu

I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, who is passionate about building a thriving community of highly effective teens, making them visionary adults. For many years, I have helped in the empowerment of teens and singles around the world, making them master communicators, and better-equipped to achieve their dreams.

As a mother, mentor, author, motivational speaker I have the required experience to guide your teen to becoming a fuller and well-rounded version of themselves in an increasingly-challenging world that requires creativity and efficiency

My B.O.L.D Coaching program will help your pre-teen discover themselves before teenage years and develop key attributes they need in order to become successful adults.

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$350 $950

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Frequently asked questions

BOLD is a 100% LIVE group coaching program held once in a week for 7 weeks.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes occurring just once in a week. Four sessions in total

Yes, they do. If a teenager requires extra coaching or mentoring attention, they will be attended to specially.

The classes are held via Zoom, each session lasting 90 minutes, once weekly.

Yes, you may attend from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet enabled phone or computer.

BOLD Coaching program is held only twice annually, so get on board and register right away.

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