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Are You Raising Independent & Successful Teenagers?

Does your teenager possess Life Skills that makes them resilient and enables them for success in today's world?
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Here's what you'll get inside this checklist..

You probably have an idea of what your teen will learn already but don’t be too sure just yet. I will unveil the secrets in this checklist.


How Resilient is your teenager for today’s world? Find out the resilient skills your teenager should possess in this free checklist.

Life Skills

How independent is your teenager? Discover ALL the independence skills your teenager should have in this checklist.


In this checklist, you will find out the true values your teen should have in order to be successful in this modern world.  

Emotional Mastery

Lack of emotional mastery is proven to be a major source of depression in youths, discover the emotional mastery skills your teenager should have.

What Parents Are Saying......

I signed my teen up for the limitless teen group coaching. She was reluctant to attend and a little upset when I logged in and passed the device to her. Within the first 30 minutes I was already composing a text message to say, our slot should be given to someone. However, after the programme my teen said she would be attending next week! I was surprised she shared on the platform too. Well done Coach Tolu and thank you for your labour of love

– Feyitolu UK

About me...

Hello, I'm
Coach Tolu Awopetu

I am a  Certified Life and Relationship Coach and a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner; a purpose-driven woman assigned to build a thriving community of creative teens, visionary young adult, and I am passionate about helping youths and adults to discover,  uncover and unleash their potentials to become who they could truly be. 

I also empower teens and singles around the world to help achieve dreams and purpose including building them up for massive success  that would strengthen relationships.

I am a mentor, author  and international motivational speaker that will hold your hands into God’s given destiny.

This checklist is carefully created to help you discover the key areas of life skills your teenager needs to be resilient and successful in today’s world
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