Lay the foundation to help your teenager become a successful adult.

Limitless Teen Academy hosts a mentoring  program that lays the foundation of LIFE SKILLS and VALUES which helps pre-teens and teenagers grow into SUCCESSFUL ADULTS.

This power-packed 3-months  mentoring program is guaranteed to activate your teenager’s infinite potential, inspire them to change their world while instilling the most essential life skills and values they need to thrive in today’s world.

Your teenager is energetic, zealous, and is blessed with new ideas and perspectives.

However, this also means that your teen is easily distracted, confused, and will definitely need guidance if they must keep their eyes on the prize.

How about the difficulty they experience in deciding what to do with their time, budding talent…their life?

While you, the parent, are overwhelmed, and may be guilt-tripped into thinking you aren’t teaching your teenager the adequate and essential life skills they need to become resilient and successful in today’s fast-paced world.

Sounds familiar?

You know it takes more to be successful in life than schooling and academics but you just don’t have the time or resources to teach your teenagers this.

You really want your teenager to be infused with the right values and skills set that prepares them for all areas of life while not losing themselves to the whims and caprices of peer influence.

You aren’t exactly sure how to go about helping them, because you are either too busy or think you
don’t have the right resources.

Even if you had the right resources, you don’t want your anxiety as a parent or guardian to get in the
way of mentoring your teenager.


You’re NOT alone...

Most parents don’t have the right coaching and mentoring resources to help mould their teenagers in every ramification.

It takes a lot to prepare teenagers for adulthood; and while parents play the most significant role in this, their anxiety may get in the way of staying objective sometimes, when needed.

Also, as a parent, you might be overwhelmed with other responsibilities, requiring that you spend less
time with your teenager, at a life stage when you are needed the most, as they transition to adulthood.

Trust me, I have been there, and I am glad I was able to overcome it with an impactful framework such as the one limitless Teens Academy is offering you now.

Imagine the Possibility

What if your child has access to this
life-changing program?

Just imagine what it will feel like if your child undergoes the Limitless Teen Mentoring Program.

Imagine your teen being truly LIMITLESS!Imagine your teen knowing how much more they can be with what they have?

Imagine your child totally prepared to be an empathetic, efficient and skilful teenager who is not swayed by peer influences yet laden with values and skills-set that helps them take the right decision confidently.

Your life before the course:

Your teen's life after the course:


The Limitless Teen Academy Mentoring Program For Teenagers.

Equip Your Teenagers With Life Skills & Values to help them become successful adults.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn in This Online Course

The Limitless Teen Academy offers a range of modules that are specially titled with the character traits that will make your teen a high achiever, and grouped in a bite-size yet packed presentation, for easy assimilation and recollection.

Module 1


Teenage comes with peer pressure, and mood swings as the body and mind adapt to changes in self and the demands of relationships. Therefore, there’s no better phase of life to build resilience than the teenage phase.

What your teens will benefit from this module:


Module 2


Teens often find it difficult to stay true to themselves in the light of the demand life places on them. The situation can be quite discomfiting for teenagers, and make them prone to anxiety.

What your teens will benefit from this module:

Module 3


The distraction that comes with the teenage is quite compelling; and, understandably so, since
teenagers often face the pressure of striking a healthy balance between reality and the unrealistic ideals they try to live by.

What your teens will benefit from this module:


Module 4


Often because teenagers would attempt so many feats at once, they may lose focus easily by being spontaneous and energetic, instead of being routinely and intentional.

What your teens will benefit from this module:

Module 5


Come to think of it, your teen has only begun to understand the concept of accountability, if at all. However, they will still need proper guidance and mentoring, if they must be committed to taking ownership of important decisions.

What your teens will benefit from this module:


Module 6


Most likely, your teen’s bedroom looks like a war zone throughout the year. It’s normal to an extent, as teens tend to be exuberant and all over the place. However, with this programme and a little practice, they can become well-organised and effective in the personal space.

What your teens will benefit from this module:

Module 7


A grateful teen finds grace with their loved ones as well as associates. Also, gratitude is an expression of a healthy value system driven by empathy, appreciation, and emotional intelligence.

What your teens will benefit from this module:


Module 8


What your teens will benefit from this module:

Module 9


What your teens will benefit from this module:


Module 10


What your teens will benefit from this module:

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25 Easy Checklists of Life Skills to Raise an Independent and Successful Teenager ($197 value)

Want to know if your teen has passed the test of an independent teenager, ready to take life by the
horns? Find out in these 25 Easy Checklists of Life Skills for Raising and Independent and Successful
teenagers. Totally free!

Traffic lights for dating: FREE! ($197 value)

Help them read the signs from a mile away! What are the behavioural patterns to look out for in
deciding if he/she is the perfect date; and what are the red stop signs that say “No. Not this one”?
Download this free workbook and your youth will thank you for it.

Family Routines ($197 value)

Family routines are not boring, provided your teenager sees the results in a better, focused and
purposeful living. You can’t go wrong with this awemazing workbook that includes an easy timetable that will make
you and your teen adjust to productive routines, along with the rest of the family.

Plus, You'll also get

Live group call

If they need someone to talk to or have questions, there’s a group call available for that. They’ll never feel like they are alone in the journey.

Community Support

A dedicated Facebook group that will offer front-row access to resources, updates and the needed support is available.

Workbook & Checklist

Your teen can tick milestones and to-do as appropriate, and boost their confidence as they make progress.

Success Stories......

Over the five weeks I have learned about knowing who I am and not letting the works define who I am , I have also learned about my personal core values and how it helps me know who my friends are and how I exercise my core values in day to day life and the most important is power of affirmation which helps me with motivation and help me achieve what ever I set my mind to
– Shola Bamishaye. Essex UK

That’s a Total Value of over $1,500

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More Success Stories...

My coordinated classes with This coach,I’d say has been very empowering, touching delicate aspect of one’s life..It positively affects,
-How you Carry yourself
-Self esteem and Confidence
-How you deal with people
-How you manage your Emotions..
These are basic teachings I think lots of people lacked and from these Classes with Coach Tolu I now have more improved thoughts on them..I would recommend these classes to anyone to be honest

– Winner Elora Nforgwei

IMG-20210917-WA0032 (1)

When I first started I had no expectations of the Coaching.So I was shocked to hear so many useful information that I could use in my daily life.One thing i have gained  from the coaching is I have learnt in order to love yourself you must take time to discover who you are in Christ. I would reccomend this coaching to all pre-teens and teens. This coaching can help anyone feeling insecure as the information they give can raise their self-esteem.

Ileri Olatunbosun – England UK


I signed my teen up for the limitless teen group coaching. She was reluctant to attend and a little upset when I logged in and passed the device to her. Within the first 30 minutes I was already composing a text message to say, our slot should be given to someone. However, after the programme my teen said she would be attending next week! I was surprised she shared on the platform too. Well done Coach Tolu and thank you for your labour of love

– Feyitolu UK

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Is The Limitless Teen 3-Months Mentoring Program For Your Teen?

Does this sound like what your teen needs to reach full potential and be a leader in their world? It sounds like one to me. So why not go ahead and subscribe and you’d have given your teen the gift of a lifetime!

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Hello, I'm
Coach Tolu Awopetu

I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and Teen Coach who is passionate about building a thriving community of highly effective teens, making them visionary adults. 

For many years, I have helped in the empowerment of teens and singles around the world, making them master communicators, and better-equipped to achieve their dreams.

As a mother, mentor, author, motivational speaker who has been married for twenty years and raising three teenage children, I have the required experience to guide your teen to becoming a fuller and well-rounded version of themselves in an increasingly-challenging world that requires creativity and efficiency. 

This course will teach you the easiest way to influence and raise purpose driven teenagers who will grow into successful adults.

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