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As parents, we have gone through this route or cycle of being a teenager. For some parents, they do not want their teens to make similar mistakes in life. In the community, some teenagers have been influenced negatively, ended up in prisons and not achieving their goals in life. Some teens are longing for direction, help, independence and truly want to be successful in life in other to be useful to themselves and their communities.

Does this sound like you?

You have tried all the disciplinary measures you know, like grounding them, taking away their favourite gadgets and no pocket money. But nothing has worked so far. In fact, the more you discipline, the more aloof they become.

You’re a great parent. All you want to do is love your child and raise them to be happy, responsible and purpose driven people, but you’re simply not seeing the results of all your hard work.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on parenting methods that give you zero results. I know how frustrating it must feel to repeat the cycle of trying a new thing only for it to fail yet again.

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

You haven’t established boundaries. 

Raising teens into adulthood requires that we loosen the ropes a little and allow for more freedom. But your teenager still needs boundaries, even if they spar with you sometimes. 

Boundaries help your teens feel loved, safe, and make better decisions. One of such boundaries is encouraging responsibility and helping them make excellent choices with their friends and their hobbies. 

Also, you probably don’t listen enough to your teenager. You’re so busy getting them to listen to you that you forget to do some listening yourself.

 Sometimes, it’s hard to listen, especially when we see how things could be different or simpler for our teenagers. Listening is a priceless parenting skill that takes more practice because it requires empathy.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine having meaningful conversations with your teenager that don’t morph into an argument. Imagine that you never have to remind them to take out the trash or clean up after themselves.

Imagine that your teenager is acing their schoolwork and winning at life because positive influences surround them.

It is possible to be best friends with your teenage child.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:



An essential guide to raising purpose-driven teenage children into successful adults.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn in These Video Lessons.

The dream of every parent is for their teens to be independent and successful in life. These 10-step video lessons has been meticulously designed to ensure your success as the parent of an engaged, well-rounded teen.

Module 1

Know Your Teen

To raise independent and well-rounded adults, you must start early in adolescence. In those module, you will learn


Module 2


Positive affirmations are very effective tools for challenging negative and unhelpful thoughts. Your teen needs your support to approve them, recognising and encouraging their efforts.

You will learn: 

Module 3


Your teen’s values are their principles, standards of behaviour, about what is important in life. Values ultimately define us. Values will guide every decision your teens make or don’t make, which is why it’s important to instil good values in your teenager.

In this module, you will learn:


Module 4


What are life skills?

Your teen needs an excellent set of life skills to help them cope with life as a young adult. As a parent, you’re not only the first teacher of your children, you’re their best teacher too!

Module 5


A very important way to show your teen love is to have clear, defined limitations for them.

Setting boundaries is an important piece of parenting. It doesn’t mean he won’t push your boundaries, he will. It is a part of the learning process for him to feel safe at the same time.

In this module you will learn:


PLUS 5 more Modules.....

Other Modules Include..

These 5 additional transformational modules will be taught in depth.

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"Our Testimonials Speak For Us...."

Signing up for this course has greatly changed my life and how I relate to my son. He talks to me about everything. It was worth every penny.

 – Abimbola Osho

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I signed my teen up for the limitless teen group coaching. She was reluctant to attend and a little upset when I logged in and passed the device to her. Within the first 30 minutes I was already composing a text message to say, our slot should be given to someone. However, after the programme my teen said she would be attending next week! I was surprised she shared on the platform too. Well done Coach Tolu and thank you for your labour of love

Coach Tolu Awopetu is an astute , diligent and a Purpose Driven woman. She is very good at what she  does and when it comes to Teenagers, she goes all out to fulfil the Purpose of God both in her life and also the lives of the beautiful young and growing Teenagers that God has committed into her hands. 
I Trust her thoroughness in bringing the Best out of the lives of anyone that comes her way.
My daughter is also one of her Mentees and I’ve seen quite an improvement in her life recently. 
My daughter now takes things seriously and adhere more to instructions. 
She’s highly recommended by me.

– Yetunde Olasusi England UK



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For many years, I have helped in the empowerment of teens and singles around the world, making them master communicators, and better-equipped to achieve their dreams.

As a mother, mentor, author, motivational speaker who has been married for twenty years and raising three teenage children, I have the required experience to guide your teen to becoming a fuller and well-rounded version of themselves in an increasingly-challenging world that requires creativity and efficiency

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