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Want to equip your teenagers with
values and life skills?

You can help your teen deal with peer pressure, gain self-confidence, relate better with others, and be well prepared for adulthood by enrolling them in our 7 weeks R.A.D.I.A.N.T Coaching Program.

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Does this sound like you?

You are worried that your teen isn’t assertive and confident enough, and could end up making wrong choices to please their peers..

You know what it takes to mentor your teen as a parent, but don’t quite know how to deal with a teen who has a mind of their own for the wrong reasons.

You know you are a superb parent (and, indeed you are), but just feel like you need to do more.

In fact, you fear for the future of your teen, in the light of the negativity they are exposed to, and the choices they must make without your knowledge.

You are experiencing this problem because…

You don’t quite know how fast-paced the change teenagers must deal with, in their environment, and
how dynamic their world is…

With the rising exposure to social media, and the use of technology, teenagers are constantly under
pressure to buy, conform, please, and be accepted; while you, the parent or guardian, may have lost
touch with the pace of the modern world.

Therefore, without the right knowledge and an updated skillset to manage the realities of the today’s
teen, you are more likely to lose touch with their reality and experience a painful disconnect from your
loved teen.

In fact, you fear for the future of your teen, in the light of the negativity they are exposed to, and the choices they must make without your knowledge.

But I can teach what I know from experience ...

The R.A.D.I.A.N.T Coaching program will help your teen master the pressure of
approaching adolescence to become a master of self, and a superstar among peers.

First of all, imagine your teen as a role model among their peers….

Imagine your teen is Resilient – can deal with life’s and peer pressure without breaking but converting adversity to real progress..

How about an Authentic, Determined, and Intentional teen, who can make clear goals, and keep their eyes on the prize not minding the distractions around them?

Imagine an Accountable, Neat and Thankful teen who understands you sacrifices and knows how to leverage resources for a more productive day-to-day life and for career after this RADIANT Coaching Programme.. 

What your teen will benefit from the R.A.D.I.A.N.T
Coaching programme:

Your Teenagers will be prepared for adulthood, after being equipped with the right character traits for confidence, resilience, accountability and personal effectiveness, through each of the R.A.D.I.A.N.T modules


  • . It prepares your teens for adulthood
  • . It equips them to deal with life pressure
  • It helps them to overcome obstacles easily
  • It reduces the chance of them suffering from anxiety and depression


  • It boosts their self-esteem and self confidence
  • Your teens become an inspiration to their peers
  • They would be role models to other teens.
  • They earn respect from friends, and other people.
  • They are free anxiety and worry
  • They tend to have better relationship with people.


  • It prepares them for adulthood
    It helps them to face challenges
    It makes them to be focused.
    It helps them to believe in themselves.
    It prevents them from failure.


  • It increases their self-confidence and boosts their self esteem
  • It helps them to be focused in their homework, house chores and other activities
  • It helps them to achieve their goals faster.
  • It reduces the risk of failures
  • It teaches them to live with their values in mind.


It helps your teens to be responsible in life.
It helps them to be trustworthy.
It increases their performance.
It inspires them to become better.
It makes them to be committed.


It boosts their self-esteem.
It prevents bullying.
It helps them to be healthy
It creates good atmosphere to study
It makes them to be organised.
It reduces distraction.


It makes them healthy.
It reduces stress.
It reduces loneliness
It prevents sickness and diseases
It promotes healthy relationship

Our Testimonials Speak For Us....

My coordinated classes with Coach Tolu has been very empowering, touching delicate aspects of my life..It has positively affected me all round, I would recommend these classes to anyone to be honest

– Winner Elora Nforgwei

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Frequently asked questions

Radiant is a 100% LIVE group coaching program held once in a week for 7 weeks.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes occurring just once in a week.

Yes, they do. If a teenager requires extra coaching or mentoring attention, they will be attended to specially.

The classes are held via Zoom, each session lasting 90 minutes, once weekly.

Yes, you may attend from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet enabled phone or computer.

RADIANT Coaching program is held only twice annually, so get on board and register right away.

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Ready to enroll your teen in our 7 weeks R.A.D.I.A.N.T Coaching Program?

$350 $950

Price Goes Up In 60 minutes…