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Talk2me indicates a desire and a firm promise to listen. By saying this words, you encourage an individual to share their inner thoughts with you, to describe their struggles, to share their victories and to elaborate on their future goals. For someone to succumb to this request, they need to be positive that they will get listened to, that the listener would be empathetic, understand their struggles and provide a way or path for them to deal with all challenges head on. You are asking to be trusted and promising to act based on these information.

“Talk2me Global” is the listener. We are a Christian faith based charity and through research and experience, have successfully taken on the mantle to firstly understand the youths of this generation, their specific struggles and challenges in school, family, faith, career, relationships and life in its totality. From this, we have created separate Talk2me groups, organised and presented appropriate programs and sessions for each of these groups and more importantly mentored, motivated, inspired, nurtured, equipped and empowered all our members to date.

Talk2me Global initially started as a female focused programme “Girls talk” but within a few years grew into a full youth based charity. we now have “Teens talk2me” focused on teenagers between the ages of 11 and 18, “Singles talk2me” for young unmarried singles “, “couples talk2me” for young married couples and Talk2me TV which is our outreach TV programme also focused on youths.  We have had most of our members pass through the various groups with soulful and touching testimonies on how their life has been genuinely impacted positively; by being a part of the Talk2me programmes and sessions.

Talk2me Global started as a revelation in August 2008 to the co-founder, Pastor Gbenga Awopetu and was kick started by Pastor Tolu Awopetu, also a co-founder. The charity has touched so many youthful lives positively and has instilled a desire in our youths to aspire to be winners in every endeavours, aspects and ventures in their lives.

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