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limitless teens

group coaching

5 WEEKS JULY 27TH, AUGUST 3RD, 10TH, 17TH , 24TH 2021


5 – Amazing weeks of

Lessons, brain teasing and fun sessions specially designed to help your teen develop healthy and life saving traits that will guarantee that they make better and smarter choices and become more deliberate about becoming amazing adults who you as their parents can be super proud of

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Self Discovery and Growth in 5 Weeks

In this programme, your teen will be taught to identify and understand that strenths and weaknesses with the goal of figuring out what and how to make wise choices when choosing friends, making decisions, in the face of problems and chellenges as well and the exact blueprint to a well motivated, resilient and progressive life.

Personal & Core Values Discovery

Teens largely find it challenging to determine their core values and you know how much of a big deal that is for kids their age. The Limitless Teens program will help them find purpose and make better decisions easily and with confidence.

They will also learn about the power of affirmations and gratitude. This will help them sleep better, reduce aggression and boost their self esteem.

coaching program schedule

July 27th, August 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Week 1 – Self Discovery

  1. Understand their strengths and boost self-confidence
  2. Be able to identify their weaknesses and how to improve on them
  3. Understand how and why they react to certain situations and people
  4. It helps to develop greater emotional intelligence
  5. It helps in choosing right friends
  6. It helps them to define their goals in life
  7. It helps in decision making
  8. It enhancing their problem solving skills

Week 2 – Self Confidence

  1. They will be more assertive in life
  2. They become more positive and enthusiastic
  3. They would be more motivated.
  4. They would experience less fear and anxiety
  5. They enjoy increased sense of self worth
  6. They become more resilient
  7. They experience stronger sense of their authentic self
  8. They will have ultimately have greater success in life

Week 3 – Personal & Core Values

  1. It helps your teens to find purpose.
  2. It determines how they react in difficult situations.
  3. It helps them in decision making.
  4. It helps to develop a sense of self.
  5. It helps them to choose best career.
  6. It increases their confidence.
  7. It helps to reduce confusion about life

Week 4 – Boundaries

  1. It helps your teen to reduce resentment, rage.
  2. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. It guarantees security and protection.
  4. It reduces and eliminates unwanted, unhealth friendship and relationship.
  5. It gives them joy and freedom.

Week 5 – Power of Gratitude & Affirmation

  1. It improves their physical health.
  2. It ensures better community and solid relationship.
  3. It boosts their self esteem.
  4. It helps them sleep better.
  5. It reduces anxiety and worries.
  6. It reduces aggression.
  7. Affirmations help teens to combat negative self talk by replacing them with more adaptive narratives.

Registration Fee – £100 (£350)

Limited Slots Available

For the first 20 seats, we are making tickets available for £100

Every Tuesday from July 27th to August 24th, 2021

Time: 3pm

Meet your Host

She is a Spiritual Strategic Youth Leader.and Coach A Mentor committed to empowering the younger generation. She has a MANDATE to help them gain CLARITY about PURPOSE, OPTIMIZE their POTENTIAL so that they experience GROWTH in Life and Relationships.

She is an inspirational Speaker, a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. An NLP practitioner, and Best-selling Author. Tolu, who is a Pastor’s wife also volunteers as a community Leader.

She is the Founder of Girls Talk2me initiative and Co-founder of Talk2Me International UK. In reaching Teens, she works closely with a network of Parents called ‘Parents Consent Connect’ (PCC)

Tolu’s robust experience spans over 30years working with Teenagers. She runs workshops, seminars, educational trips, quarterly Teens Breakfast Forums, annual Teen Transitional Seminars and Teen Sleep-overs for charities in the UK.

Her Book titled “Mum, Stop!!! I Need You!”, is inspired by her true story and chronicles her teenage journey towards self-discovery and mending the strained relationship between her and her mum. It is available on Amazon.

Every Teen deserves to figure out life and make wise choices. Register your teen and play an active role in helping them.

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