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Its Time To Decode The Signs In Your Relationship With This Powerful Workbook

Being Naive in Relationships can be fatal. Use this workbook to assess your relationship without wasting precious time or making silly mistakes.

Here's what you'll get inside this
Traffic Light For Dating Workbook

There is more to look out for in choosing the right partner than their disposition to fun, games
and play. In this free checklist, I share the signs you should look out for in choosing a right partner. What will you learn? The light just turned green, so let’s go!

Green light

Let”s just say, these are the attributes that make you scream ; “I have found the right one”!

Look out for trust, respect, similar values and goals. You”ll need to see the free checklist to know the rest.

Yellow light

If you see any of these character traits in your potential partner, then it means there’s some
work to do in that relationship. 

They are a show off, they embarrass you, they don’t stick to plans. Learn the other yellow lights in the free checklist.

Red Light

In Nigerian parlance, these character traits are the “no-go” areas. For the sake of a healthy
relationship and your sanity, your partner mustn’t make you feel bad about yourself, and be
excessively critical. And, no, they can’t be manipulative. There are more traits to look out for, but
you’ll need to check the free checklist.

Coach Tolu is a doting coach and would always be on your case till you succeed. I call her ‘MAMA’ because she is genuinely interested in every area of your life. I’ve had the privilege of not only listening to her speak but worked closely with her. I can’t count the numerous lessons I learned by just watching her.
 One thing that strikes me about her is how she switches roles at any given time; she could be your mentor, coach, mother, big sister, and friend. Our conversations never end without her asking about my plans and what I intend to do; this shows her consistency in trying to make sure I’m on track. 
When I met Coach Tolu, I was single and uncertain, but today, I’m happily married with two kids and ticking all my goals. I’m honoured to have you as a mentor and I can’t wait for the world to experience the gift of you.
-Esther Francis – Nigeria

About Me

Hello, I'm Coach Tolu

Hello, I’m Tolu Awopetu .

I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach and a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner; a purpose-driven woman assigned to build a thriving community of creative teens , visionary young adult, and I am passionate about helping youths and adults to discover, uncover and unleash their potentials to become who they could truly be.

In 2008, I founded Girls Talk2Me to have heart to heart discussions with girls in higher institutions and single ladies in order to launch them into a great future and glorious marriage.

I have carefully created this traffic light for dating workbook to help you decode and assess your relationship for success.

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