Hi, I'm Coach Tolu.

I help TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS gain CLARITY about PURPOSE to OPTIMIZE their POTENTIALS so that they can MAXIMISE their GROWTH in Life and Relationships

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Hey there!

I'm Coach Tolu Awopetu, a certified Coach, Mentor, and Counsellor for
Teenagers & Youths.

You’ll agree with me that it takes a lot more than being a loving parent to mentor your teen for the realities of the modern world. Nowadays, you need the right skill-set and resources to help your teen master themselves, habits and relationships.

As a certified life and relationship coach, neuro linguistic practitioner and parent, I am qualified and experienced to build a thriving community of highly effective teens, backed by a high-impact volunteer experience in a UK-based charity that lasted 5 years.

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The Teenage Years is the most crucial phase of life that sets the foundation of adulthood.
Ready to raise your teenager to become successful and resilient in today's world?

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For Teens & Youths

B.O.L.D Teen Coaching
Ages 9-12yrs.

Activate their fiery potential with my Limitless Mentoring Programme, and Inspire them to change their world, early on.

Teen Coaching

Want to equip your teenager with VALUES & LIFE SKILLS? Enrol your teenage child now.

Dating Basics Masterclass

Discover timeless relationship strategies guranteed to help you win on the dating scene.

Foundation Teen Coaching

Need a crash course to instill Discipline, Life Skills & Values into your teenager’s life? Then, enrol your child now.

Limitless Teen Academy

Lay the foundation to help your teenager become a successful adult.

Limitless Teen Academy hosts a mentoring program that lays the foundation of LIFE SKILLS and VALUES which helps pre-teens and teenagers grow into successful adults.

This power-packed 3-months mentoring program is guaranteed to activate your teenager’s infinite potential, inspire them to change their world while instilling the most essential life skills and values they need to thrive in today’s world.

How we can work together

For Parents

Family Routine Checklist

Family routines are not boring, provided your teenager sees the results in a better, focused and purposeful living. You can’t go wrong with this amazing workbook that includes an easy timetable that will make you and your teen adjust to productive routines, along with the rest of the family.

25 Easy Checklists of Life Skills For Every Teenager

Want to know if your teen has passed the test of an independent teenager, ready to take life by the
horns? Find out in these 25 Easy Checklists of Life Skills for Raising and Independent and Successful

Traffic Lights For Dating

Help them read the signs from a mile away! What are the behavioural patterns to look out for in
deciding if he/she is the perfect date; and what are the red stop signs that say “No. Not this one”?
Purchase this powerful workbook and your youth will thank you for it.

Read more kind words from clients

  • Coach Tolu is a doting coach and would always be on your case till you succeed. I call her ‘MAMA’ because she is genuinely interested in every area of your life. I’ve had the privilege of not only listening to her speak but worked closely with her. I can’t count the numerous lessons I learned by just watching her.

    One thing that strikes me about her is how she switches roles at any given time; she could be your mentor, coach, mother, big sister, and friend. Our conversations never end without her asking about my plans and what I intend to do; this shows her consistency in trying to make sure I’m on track.

    When I met Coach Tolu, I was single and uncertain, but today, I’m happily married with two kids and ticking all my goals. I’m honoured to have you as a mentor and I can’t wait for the world to experience the gift of you.

    – Esther Francis, Nigeria.
  • My coordinated classes with This coach,I’d say has been very empowering, touching delicate aspect of ones life..It positively affects,
    -How you Carry yourself
    -Self esteem and Confidence
    -How you deal with people
    -How you manage your Emotions..
    These are a basic teachings I think lots of people lacked and from these Classes with Coach Tolu I now have more improved thoughts on them..I would recommend these classes to anyone to be honest.

    – Winner Eliora Nforgwei
  • When I first started I had no expectations of the Coaching.So I was shocked to hear so many useful information that I could use in my daily life.One thing i have gained  from the coaching is I have learnt in order to love yourself you must take time and discover who you are in Christ. I would recommend this coaching to all pre-teens and teens.This coaching can help anyone feeling insecure as the information they give can raise their self-esteem.

    – Ileri Olatunbosun – England UK

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