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I help teens & pre-teens discover their uniqueness, and master their world for personal effectiveness.

Youths of today must deal with issues that were non-existent just a few decades ago, and this reality can be overwhelming for parents who are one or two generations behind, and may have lost touch with the current reality, in trying to juggle commitments.

For this reason, a  little assistance is needed in mentoring teens and youths with the right resources that are researched and structured to tackle modern issues in their sphere of influence.

Here are impactful courses and mentoring programmes for your children.

Connect 2 Connect's Dating Basics Masterclass

Parents are always excited when their youths gain admission into the universities. Some are afraid of what will be become of their children. Some youths are naive while some are matured enough. In this masterclass, your young adult will discover timeless relationship strategies guranteed to help you win on the dating scene

Investment starts at $100

Who it’s for:
Singles and young undergraduates who are new to dating, and who would like to understand the nuances of communication, trust, honesty and other factors that make for successful dating.

What’s included:

In this masterclass I teach the 5 basic tenets of dating that your young adult must know. Crucial aspects of communication and relationship management such as self-discovery, core values and boundaries are taught to guide your young one to a fulfilling dating experience.

Another important factor to be considered is emotional intelligence, by which your young-adult is better able to master their emotion, and communicate confidently and rationally all through the dating experience.

Limitless Teen's Radiant Mentoring Programme

Lay the foundation for life-skills and values that will make your teenager an RADIANT and infinite source of ideas, creativity and inspiration to you and their peers.

Investment starts at $350

Who it’s for:

Teens aged 13 -18; especially if they are bursting at the seams with energy, innovation and creativity, but don’t quite know how to harness them fully. The programme is also open to parents who want to make their teen high flyers and world changers.


What’s included:
This course includes relevant soft skills that will make it easier for your teens to get along with you and their peers. After this course, you will experience what it means to be RADIANT, when your teen must have become Resilient, Authentic, Determined, Intentional, Accountable, Neat, and Thankful.

Limitless Teen's B.O.L.D Mentoring Program
For Pre-Teens (9-12 years old) .

Build your child’s confidence early on with this mentoring programme that’s targeted to
9 -12 years old who need to boost their confidence

Investment starts at $200

Who it’s for:
Pre-teens aged 9 -12 years old, and parents who want them to form a positive value system early on, and master essential life-skills..

What’s included:

Enjoy four power-packed modules – B.O.L.D –  that will help your pre-teen Believe in themselves, Overcome problems peculiar to their age bracket, Learn life skills, and stay Determined to be all they can be.

At the end of this programme, your pre-teen will be more confident, efficient and sociable.

Read more kind words from clients

  • Coach Tolu is a doting coach and would always be on your case till you succeed. I call her ‘MAMA’ because she is genuinely interested in every area of your life. I’ve had the privilege of not only listening to her speak but worked closely with her. I can’t count the numerous lessons I learned by just watching her.

    One thing that strikes me about her is how she switches roles at any given time; she could be your mentor, coach, mother, big sister, and friend. Our conversations never end without her asking about my plans and what I intend to do; this shows her consistency in trying to make sure I’m on track.

    When I met Coach Tolu, I was single and uncertain, but today, I’m happily married with two kids and ticking all my goals. I’m honoured to have you as a mentor and I can’t wait for the world to experience the gift of you.

    – Esther Francis, Nigeria.
  • My coordinated classes with This coach,I’d say has been very empowering, touching delicate aspect of ones life..It positively affects,
    -How you Carry yourself
    -Self esteem and Confidence
    -How you deal with people
    -How you manage your Emotions..
    These are a basic teachings I think lots of people lacked and from these Classes with Coach Tolu I now have more improved thoughts on them..I would recommend these classes to anyone to be honest.

    – Winner Eliora Nforgwei
  • When I first started I had no expectations of the Coaching.So I was shocked to hear so many useful information that I could use in my daily life.One thing i have gained  from the coaching is I have learnt in order to love yourself you must take time and discover who you are in Christ. I would recommend this coaching to all pre-teens and teens.This coaching can help anyone feeling insecure as the information they give can raise their self-esteem.

    – Ileri Olatunbosun – England UK

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