I'm Coach Tolu Awopetu, a certified Coach, Mentor, and Counsellor for Teenagers & Youths.

I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, who is passionate about building a thriving community of highly effective teens, making them visionary adults. For many years, I have helped in the empowerment of teens and singles around the world, making them master communicators, and better-equipped to achieve their dreams.

As a mother, mentor, author, motivational speaker I have the required experience to guide your teen to becoming a fuller and well-rounded version of themselves in an increasingly-challenging world that requires creativity and efficiency


I have been married for 20 years and have been coaching as a volunteer in a charity organisation (UK) for over 5 years. Furthermore, in 2008, I founded Girls Talk2Me – an initiative targeted at girls in higher institutions and single ladies. 

Two years after the initiative, I had a vision of connecting singles, and this birthed the  Singles Talk2Me Seminar that was launched in 2010 by me, and my husband, Oluwagbenga.

This is Why I am Passionate about Youths & Teens...

As parents, we have gone through this route or cycle of being teenagers. For some parents, they do not want their teens to make similar mistakes in life. In the community, some teenagers have been influenced negatively, ended up in prisons and not achieving their goals in life. Some teens are longing for direction, help, independence and truly want to be successful in life in other to be useful to themselves and their communities.

The reality is that most parents are too busy working two jobs or more and completely fagged out to impact their teenagers beyond academics, this is where I come in, I help you instil Life Skills and values in your teens and young adults and propel them to become successful adults.

My Core Values


I am not only a professional, I am also a parent and wife who understands the challenges of raising teens and adolescents, therefore, I can help your teenagers navigate the stormy waters of teenage life.


It takes a lot of dedication to coach teens; and that’s why I pay utmost attention to detail in professionalism and delivery using not just NLP interventions, Coaching & therapy techniques but also native emotional intelligence.

Mutual Respect

To assist a teen to maximize their potential, one must respect their individuality. I keep this in mind in my interaction at all times. Every teenager must be respected and influenced to change by example.


I maintain a culture of accessibility such that I am available to render the much-needed support to you, the parent, and your teenager whenever, needed during the duration of our coaching.

What I Believe

As an advocate of laying the right foundation, I believe the best life phase for augmenting good parenting with the right skill-set and character traits for adulthood, is in the teenage. Therefore, I believe:

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A little guidance is all it takes to make your teen all they can be - masters of their world!

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