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About Tolu


Tolu Awopetu is a a certified life coach and a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, a purpose driven woman on assignment to inspire and empower the and release youths and singles from what could be holding them back from the life they want and setting them up for true success and lasting relationships.

Tolu Awopetu – My Story

Tolu Awopetu is a purpose driven lady. A woman on assignment to inspire and
empower the youths and singles with the word of God.

A mentor and also a motivational speaker, I have been given the mandate to empower and release teens, youths and singles into their God’s given destinies for over 2 decades.

In 2008, I founded Girls Talk2Me UK. The focus of this program is to have heart to heart discussions with girls in the Universities and single ladies, by positioning them for a greater future and marital lives. 

Two years after the initiative, I had the burden to start a forum that
will bring young men and women together to learn and mingle together. This
burden gave birth to Singles Talk2Me Seminar. Talk2Me was launched in 2010 and became the brainchild of I and my husband, Oluwagbenga. 

This website is my attempt at bringing my experience and expertise full-cycle to enable young ones and singles get to access the tools and help needed to make sense of the challenges they have encountered, with the ultimate goal of finding closure and carving the best path to freedom and happiness.

Why Work With Me?

Making the transition from ‘OVERWHELMED’ and ‘CONFUSED’ to ‘ENLIGHTENED’ and ‘EXCITED’ requires the guidiance of someone who has been in the same spot and fully understands where you are.

Work with me to –

1. Uncover what you have within you.

2. Discover those potentials that are locked and yet to be discovered.

3. Release your potentials to become who you could truly be.

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